G10S Air Mouse Using Wireless Technology Via USB Dongle Air Mouse G10S with voice control Gyroscope sensing compatible with samsung smart tv

Voice Air Mouse and Voice TV remote, Power Key Can support IR learning.

Gyroscope version: Swing your wrist to control the direction
and movement of the mouse pointer!

Gyroscope-free version: Move the mouse pointer by pressing “up”,
“down”, “left” and “right” buttons on a virtual mouse.

2.4G transmission up to 15m.
Applicable to: Smart TV, IPTV, Networked Set-top Box, Mini PC, Android TV Box, HTPLC, PCTV, Raspberry Pi, Android Projector, Phone (OTG), Pad (OTG), Computer, All-in-one PC.

Voice control: YouTube, Google play, Netflix, and Facebook meet your Google Assistant.
Say it to search or control, for example “open Netflix”, “Open YouTube”, “Open Google Play Store”, “Open Settings”, “Today’s weather”.

IR learning function: Power Key Infrared Study Function, press and hold the power key, enter the infrared learning mode.

USB receiver:
Transmission rate: 1Mbps
Operating frequency: 2.4GHz – 2.4835GHz
Output power: -18dBm – 0dBm
Function: HD compatible device, USB audio microphone device

Transmission rate: 1Mbps
Operating frequency: 2.4GHz – 2.4835GHz
Output power: -18dBm – 0dBm
Function: 2.4G voice remote control


Weight: 62g

Mode: GFSK

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Distance: >10M

Voltage: 3.0V

Current: Working<15mA; Standby<20uA

Package Included:
1 x Air Mouse Remote Control
1 x USB Receiver


This Type is with Gyroscope Function

IR Learning (As an example we take a TV remote control)

1. Press and hold “Power” button until LED flashing frequency changes has been on to slow, when the frequency changes from fast to slow air mouse enters the IR learning mode.
2. Hold air mouse and TV remotes’ infrared receiving parts against one another and press power button on TV remote, when the code is successfully received, LED indicator turns on, then become being flashing.
3. The LED turns off, meaning the mouse has successfully learned infrared code values.
4. After successful learning, the produce will automatically store and exit.
5. Press “OK”+”DEL” to clear the infrared code value that has been learned.

G10 S Voice Air Mouse Perfect Support Google Voice Search & Google Voice Assistant G10S One key open google voice assistant YouTube Net-flix Facebook G10S Air mouse Remote Control Motion Sensing operating Move Freely G10S Air mouse Nano receiver ready for work once plugged with USB G10S TV Remote Control smart and energy saving environmental protection lower batery indicator shall flash slowing as reminder G10S Power Key Infrared Study Function Press and hold the power key enter the infrared learning mode G10S Remote Control Voice Control Airmouse Specifacation